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A Picture of a Letter (or: Classical Communication Meets Social Media)

I like to keep my letters to our boy (who is in Marine Corps Recruit Training presently) light and on-point.

That said, I thought I’d share one with you, should you like to engage in the time-honored tradition of messing with your kids head via the Postal Service.

…and I’m sharing this via an image of said letter, as I’ve found that many people on social sites won’t read anything over a few sentences long, but will look at a picture. Thus, what we have here is the potential to communicate via a medium that so often fails in that very department. By forcing someone to read an image, well, we’re deconstructing the very notion of not reading in the first place. I feel I have done my part. Should you one day read a case a study on this very phenomena, I hope that you’ll recall reading it here first, and then not eat a pickled egg, for fuck’s sake.


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