About Me

I draw cars.

I also provide full-service hot rod design and illustration, custom car, graphic and web design tailored to the custom automotive aftermarket, including logos, branding, project planning and research, and even apparel design. Need an ad, some copy, or a jump on social media? I do that, too.

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My Mission:

To consistently provide the ultimate in design creativity and customer service, with an experience and artistic vision that is second to none. While working to raise the standard of automotive illustration, I seek to educate the public with regard to the labor and sacrifice required to create a work of fine art.

Why Choose Me? Quick Facts:

I’m an automotive artist, illustrator and hot rod designer, specializing in the creation of conceptual artwork for hot rod, muscle car and pro-touring projects, as well as sport trucks, minis and tuner compacts. I also create ad, print and web design tailored to the automotive aftermarket and specialty car industries, serving some of the top shops and businesses in the country.

I was born into the whole “car thing”, with two automobile-loving parents. My earliest memories are of cars, from working on them with my father to keep them running, to strolling shows and cruises, dreaming of one day building our own. My memories are so conditioned to a car-centric method of cataloging events, that I organize those events by what car we had at what time… It’s a sickness, but the benefits of such memories is priceless.

My professional experience has been almost exclusively automotive-related, from humble days sweeping the floors, detailing cars, selling auto parts, working in collision shops and a number of years behind the parts counter in a dealer environment. I know cars. I understand their function, their systems, and what it takes to actually build one.

When you hire me, you get an experienced automotive professional with real-world experience. I’m not an art major who happens to like cars. I feed my family using my knowledge of cars.

I build each design from my work experience. It was these experiences, combined with my passion for hot rods and custom cars that led to my present career as a hot rod designer. Drawing on my experience in building cars, I create designs for projects, and apply my knowledge of fabrication and engineering to ensure that what gets drawn gets built as well. I try to incorporate a love for form and balance with an understanding of the vehicle structure, and plan each modification and change according to both of these, all while keeping in mind the technical and fabrication abilities of the builder(s) involved. You won’t find this knowledge and experience anywhere else.

Contact Me

If you’re looking to start your project, give me a shout for a quote today!
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