Solo Act

What with that Kardashian showing her butt and drawing more attention to herself recently (AGAIN), I got to thinking about how to make myself famous (AGAIN). And it hit me that the simplest solution is often the best, so I thought that if I borrowed from her, um, “career path”, that a sex tape is the way to go.

Being a loyal husband to a very intelligent and classy lady whom I love dearly, I realize that the whole “getting her involved idea” is bound to fall on its face, so, with a little creativity, and working from sage advice I received early on in life (“DO NOT make a sex tape!” …no, not that advice; it was “Always start with the things that interest you the most.”), I believe I’ve found a way to make this happen, AND still have a personal life that doesn’t make me cry all night long in a bathtub while in exile and living with rats in a hell of my own creation.

Being a lover of music, I didn’t need to look much further for that spark, that “it” moment. Growing up, the band Rush held a particular place in the “fascination” part of my brain (it’s next to the “Hot Wheels Lobe”), namely the percussion skills of Neil Peart. This may be a stretch, but I submit the following for your consideration:

The Brian Stupski Solo Tape.

Think “YYZ drum solo”, but all, well, hands-on-ish. Shot in one continuous take (and utilizing that “bullet time” camera effect from “The Matrix” — we’re going to need a LOT of GoPro cameras set to “burst”), it’ll be a fury of rhythm and finesse, and filmed at times in silhouette behind a sheet, all noir film-style. And, as a nod to the inspiration, I’ll incorporate a xylophone.

Knowing me, it’ll be short enough to post on Vine, allowing for viral sharing. However (there’s always a caveat, my friends), as a solo act, the DVD release will have a tremendous commentary track, but lack a gag reel (viewers will do enough gagging, I’d imagine). It’s almost too easy.


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