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Speedhunters Feature

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I was stoked (and honored, and humbled, and still kind of speechless) to be chosen by the great crew at as the subject of an interview for their recent “Inspiration” theme! Go figure… me.


Keith from Speedhunters dropped by the studio for the afternoon, and we had a blast, talking cars, design, inspiration… We talked about workflow, and the past year, which was incredibly full of good things. To say that I am still floored by of that would be an understatement.

I wanted to share the article here as an opportunity to hopefully inspire anyone out there who may find themselves in a similar situation as mine. I truly hope that it inspires anyone who is ready to simply pack it in, or move on and leave a dream behind to hold on, and push ahead. To follow through, no matter what obstacles may get in the way, and to find a way through, around or over them. Granted, I’m no poster boy for having a positive outlook, but I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by some great friends and family who push me non-stop, and have far more patience than I ever will. It’s been a long road, and there’s certainly a lot further to go, but I’m learning to keep at it, no matter what. While it’s hard to make something this private a public topic, if it helps just one person make a go of it, well, that’s brilliant.

That said, take a look, if interested, and please share it with someone you know who could use a little boost to get over that hill, or to know that there’s always a way forward. You simply have to make the most of the hand (or hands) you’re dealt. Check it out here:

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