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Throwing a Dart!

project businesstime

A quick pick-me-up for the start of your week, with a bold, bad Dart…

I had gotten the call from Tommy at Musclecar TV to sketch some visuals for the pro-street Dart they were planning, and got all sorts of psyched. After all, here was a (mostly) overlooked car, being built in a style I love… Throw on some plans for a blown Hemi, and I was lost in thought. Here was a shot to work with a good friend AND throw down some Dodge muscle with a historical twist! The very stuff I live for anyway!

The starting point was a decent little 1974 Dodge Dart…

dart before

…not too shabby, considering. This was, in fact, the very sort of car my friends and I had in (and just out of) High School! A mild street machine with some hefty goals.

Tommy and I decided early-on that the car would be bold, and we’d rely on classic Rapid Transit System colors, and some form of a Hemi billboard graphic. I had suggested keeping that graphic simple, so that any enthusiast could create a striking call-out at home. After a ton of deliberation and experimentation, I arrived at a mix of retro cool and modern style (with just a little pop) that could be replicated by hand, or by use of an inexpensive vinyl mask, which could be made in any local sign shop, and provide professional-looking results at nearly all skill levels. Here’s a peek at the colors we were narrowing-down:

dodge colors

…and the final decision? Sublime Green, of course:

project businesstime

It was a blast to explore the potential of the car, and to call on the storied history of Dodge with such a fun car. After all, when you drop the name ‘Hemi’, ears perk up. When you add ‘blown’ to that word, it gets even more interesting… and when you decide to wrap it all in a bright green, pro-street Dart, well… Need I say more?

Be sure to check out the build episodes here: Big Bad Dodge, and dig the way the guys incorporated my drilled bumper idea!

custom dart bumper

Speaking of Dodge, I have a shot at winning a gig writing for Dodge on their blog! I was selected as one of five finalists, and flown to NY last month (read more about that HERE if you’d like!) to wander the New York International Auto Show with representatives from Dodge and Ignite Social Media (thanks again!), and film a walk-around with the just-debuted 2014 Dodge Durango. The competition is in the final leg, and I hope that you’ll take a moment to vote for me (Brian S.). You can do that here through May 7… And you can vote once per day, every day, and I truly appreciate your support in helping me to not only get a great break, but bring the passion to a HUGE audience each week, and win some great prizes, as well!

Thanks, as always, for looking in!

An Alternate Flight

Being a physics aficionado, the theory of multiple dimensions holds a special place in my brain. Couple that with a love for all things science fiction, and my synapses light up with boundless ideas and tales of the bizarre.

This in mind, I had been imagining for some time a ‘what-if’ scenario, pondering what may have happened if AC Cars had not lost their engine supplier, and if NASCAR wasn’t a primary thought on Ford’s mind in the early 1960’s. Season that with a punch of willingness to make the Thunderbird more of a world-class performer, and you can see where this is headed:  The ultimate, alternate-dimension barn find.

bullet bird gt car

Taking the above into consideration, behold the final iteration of the winningest Thunderbird on the opposite side of the space-time bubble. Wearing the shorter, half-width windscreen, we’re obviously looking at a pre-GT car, and this monster is complete, right down to the dirt and grime from it’s final race. While later cars would be fitted with the mighty big blocks, this 289-powered ‘Bird left many a European car behind, engulfed in the shriek of its high-winding exhaust note and dust.

While these cars lend themselves extremely well to the custom treatment, I’ve always pictured one as a track car, and by drawing inspiration from the race cars of the day, I couldn’t help but plot a course for this T-Bird which involved some down-home innovation (like the widened fenders, flip-nose, headlamp covers and full-length hood scoop), and setting it up as a well-preserved chunk of history brought out into the sunlight following a long roost.  That said, consider this my proposal for a melding of ‘street cruisers’ and ‘pro-touring’ with some heavy vintage racing feel that anyone on the fringe would be proud to pilot…

(you can find this artwork, and the accompanying article in the May 2013 issue of Street Rodder Magazine)

Driving the Redline

If you follow along on the site or Facebook, you no doubt know that last month, Brian was flown to NY as one of five finalists in the Drive the Redline Dodge contest, thanks in part to the huge response from all of our loyal friends, fans and family. This is a shot to write for the Dodge blog for six months, and the opportunity is HUGE, not only for this little venture, but for the hot rod and automotive art industries at large… With such a huge audience, this could be a great opportunity to spread some knowledge about our side of the car world, and bring some attention to the aftermarket, and the artists and builders who may never before have seen such large numbers of readers.

drive the redline contest

As part of the trek to NY (courtesy of the great folks and hosts at Dodge and Ignite Social Media!), we five finalists were filmed by a great (and understanding and patient… well, you get the deal, they were AWESOME) film crew, doing a walk-around of a new Dodge vehicle.

I was fortunate to lay hands on the all-new, 2014 Durango, which had, literally minutes before, made its world debut on the very stage this was filmed on at the Javits Center! History in the making! Very cool indeed… Yet I digress: What makes this thing so cool is that you can customize this monster in over 1000 ways before it even hits our garage! This is the perfect bridge between what we do (design custom vehicles), and the new car market. Personalization is almost unlimited from the factory, and I have to say it, there are details on the Durango which hot wheels turning for projects. You can see a video below.

Speaking of that link, this is where you, humble and valued reader, come in. I’ll need some votes to make this dream gig happen… You can vote once PER DAY, EVERY DAY through May 7. So please, vote every day, share this, and help land the Problem Child in the driver’s seat!

You can either head here:, or or, if you’re on Facebook, directly to my entry: , or simply click the image below, and be magically whisked away, and drop a vote for Brian S., Gilbert AZ!

drive the redline dodge

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