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Git Down!

git down poster final

Our pal Dino throws an all-Chevy bash leading into the Goodguys Southwest Nationals, and I’m stoked that he calls me to create some art for the tees and posters each time.

Being a great friend like he is, I always take it to a new level, and to to theme the artwork in some way (and, as tradition dictates, include his face with a quote from the months prior; this latest being from a great road trip last March with Dino, Sam, Broey and myself heading to Burbank with Sam’s ’69 Camaro project in tow).

That said… here’s what I developed for this go-round! From the first color stabs to finished art, it was, as always, an incredibly fun project, to say the least!

First round, full-color, feeling a few ideas out:

full-color art

The tee, back-side:

git down tee

…and the front:

dino tee front

…and the final poster. We went with a more spartan color scheme, and I love the ‘pop’ it has:

git down poster final

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