Gettin’ Some Action!

…at least some car chase-related action. Of the illustrated variety. But whatever.

I’ve been working and making time to work on a personal project for the past five years or so, which is part graphic novel, part animated short, and a mash-up of things I love and enjoy, like sci-fi, thrillers, action, comics, and, of course, cars. With a ton of thoughts in my mind, it’s been a lot of outlines, quick storyboards and scene mock-ups. Thought I’d share a few of those mock-ups here. For the most part, they’re freeze-frames, trying to set a tone, and playing around a lot with composites of my car art, background photo plates shot on vacations and daily travels (and then mashing those into one huge city that combines many other cities…. it gets confusing) and so-on, to achieve some sort of look and feel for the more action-packed sequences.

All of that said, here’s a few:

rendering action

street machines

classic car chase

chicago L car chase

…and the same main character car at rest, just for comparison:

road runner

I wanted to be sure to create some ‘character card’ art for the main players as I went along.

As things progressed, I played a bit more with the weather. I found it odd to have all of the action sequences take place in perfect conditions, and, as the story involves so many things going from bad to just plain horrifyingly terrible and then worse than that for one character, I decided that rain would certainly throw a wrench into a plan or two. From that came this:

rain and smoke

rain and lights

…and even some retro-looking themes were thrown around (much more on that later on):

old car chase

…and alternate colors and more graphic styles:

smoke show

pony car chase

..dramatic camera angles:

one way chase

mustang drift

…and some epic chase scenes that involved moving buildings, people, and more, just to get the level of drama befitting a city-wide pursuit sequence:

downtown car chase scene

Much more to come… just wanted to share some of the pieces that hit the cutting room floor, and those which inspired bigger and better things (as well as some serious head shaking and questioning of myself as to why I’d even thought something might work, much less warranted spending hours on). Hope you dig ’em. Had a lot of fun creating these overall!

I’ll share more about the story, if interested, and get into the fun of creating the characters and their cars, each of which have many, many connections throughout the twisting, turning plot. If you’d like a custom piece of art featuring your car in a Hollywood action blockbuster-style chase scene for a fraction of hiring Michael Bay and a stunt crew and location and effects, hit me up on my website at, and be sure to keep up with this and other vehicular artistry on my Facebook page at!

Thanks, as always, for looking in!


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