Hot Rodding History

One of the coolest places I have had the good fortune to visit in my lifetime has been the Old Crow Speed Shop. This Burbank, CA landmark is a living, working shop and museum. A true time capsule loaded to the rafters with some of the neatest hot rod and racing-related goodies you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

It’s one of those places where you just wander around slack-jawed, just trying to take it all in. Rather than write a bunch of words, and make some scientific study of the shop and the incredible collection stored between the walls, I thought it better to just throw down some photos, as though you were there with me, wandering. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

old crow speed shop

old crow coupe

hot rod shop

old crow collection

old crow mementos

parts counter

old crow showroom

old crow speed nostalgia

nos stromberg display

belly tank cars

old school hot rodding

bellytank pedal cars

Much more soon…


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